Whether it's your next dream home, or remodeling your current home, 7N Design Build can provide you with the craftsmanship and quality that you've been looking for.  We make the process seamless and as stress free as possible.  Our homes are built above industry standard using unique design elements, superior materials, and superb craftsmanship.

As a Design Build company, our approach is more extensive than a typical contractor approach.  Here are some of the steps that we will walk you through during your experience with us on your next project:

  • Identify your project's goals, feasibility, and schedule

  • Establish budget constraints

  • Prepare and execute design phase contract and begin design phase or assist you with engaging an architect or finding a make ready set of construction plans.  If you already have a set of plans for your new home, we can move straight to the estimate phase of the project.

  • Produce preliminary estimates and engage Architect for design drawings

  • Work with architect, designer, or in-house 7N design team to develop project specifications, selections, and appropriate building systems

  • Review with the client drawings, specifications, and final costs

  • At completion of the design contract, provide finalized estimates and drawings, specifications, and contract documents for construction

  • At acceptance of the contract for construction, any necessary permits are procured and the project schedule is determined followed by the beginning of the construction phase

  • 7N Design Build will walk you through each of the selection phases to ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible and you get the home of your dreams whether its a new home or remodel of your existing home

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